Tom Dowd, Tim Ellison and Howie Scharett took win during Total Destruction Demo Production's Championship Saturday 2014 at the Ontario County Fair in Canandaigua, NY.


Total Destruction Demo Productions has expanded their advertising reach, and has a full-page ad in the next issue of Derby Ink Magazine, the Nation's only derby-dedicated print magazine. You can also see a :30-second ad airing weekly on the Crash Course Demolition DerbyPodcast.

The 2014 season opened with a bang! Travis Seward won his first ever feature at Morris Saturday afternoon; Eric Eberling won the truck main and Jason Sherman made a triumphant return to the derby world with a compact win. READ MORE | PHOTO GALLERY & DVD ORDERS

Thomas Dowd, the wildman wheeling the No. 2T around Western New York for most of the last decade, will be appearing with his weld car at the 2014 Ontario County Fair Cuba-Rules stand-alone event July 26. READ MORE | REGISTRATION FORM

Visit the Total Destruction Demo Productions Message Boards and Forum. The boards are active, and updated regularly with news, information and events happening around the northeast!

The Franklyn J. Rundell Most Aggressive Driver Award is given out at each Demolition Derby to the driver that most exemplifies the qualities that Franklyn "Frankie" Rundell showed during his Demolition Derby career.