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Total Destruction Demo Productions
PO Box 333

Trumansburg, NY 14886


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Devin Manciocchi 


About Total Destruction:

Total Destruction Demo Productions promotes Demolition Derbies, Figure 8 Racing, Team Event Derbies, and Moto-cross entertainment.

Demolition Derbies consist of four to five heats with 10 to 20 cars per heat. The last two cars running advance to the feature event. Heats are divided up by size of vehicle.

The Figure 8 Race consists of 8 to 10 cars in a heat. The track consists of three large tires, and contestants race around them in a figure eight formation for eight laps.  Each heat winner will be in the final race. All winners receive a cash award and trophy.

Team Event consists of four teams each with four contestants.  All 16 cars are put on the track at the same time.  Teams are individually chosen before the event and team members derby against the other teams.  Final car running and moving receives total purse cash award for the team, along with trophies.

Moto-cross event includes two professional drivers and motorcycles.  They perform a thrilling 90 minute show by jumping ramps, cars, and performing tricks.